Pharmacy First

Patients in Cheshire can now get treatment for 7 common conditions through their high street pharmacy.

95% of community pharmacies in the region will be offering this initiative known as Pharmacy First, making it easier and more convenient for people to access care.

Highly trained pharmacists are able to assess and treat patients for each of the following conditions, without the need for a GP appointment or prescription first:

  • sinusitis (age 12 years and over)
  • sore throat (age 5 years and over)
  • earache (age 1-17 years)
  • infected insect bite (age 1 year and over)
  • impetigo (age 1 year and over)
  • shingles (age 18 years and over)
  • uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women (age 16-64 years)